In honour of tomorrow’s International TableTop Day I have actually planned on doing the most appropriate thing ever. How appropriate!

I’m Definitely Too Old For This Shit

366 words about life — 00:30 · 5th Apr 2014

Did you have any idea that tomorrow today is International TableTop Day?

Yeah, me neither.

That is, until a few weeks when Steve—super surprisingly—invited me to participate in their 24 hour board game marathon. Actually, I had been pestering him for some time to invite me to one of their board game evenings and he finally caved.

You see, I really really like board games. As you might remember? I’m making one in my spare time.

Yeah, I’m still working on “Island of Eternity”, despite having not done any actual work on it for at least a year or so. Don’t worry though—I’m sure you were—I’ll still get around to it, it just needs more time and love before it’s done. Besides, I’m in no rush.

Island of Eternity, Inflammable Concept


Imagine my excitement when he told me that they were having a board game marathon. A good ol’ fashioned all nighter.

But not just that, but in true British spirit we’re also raising money for charity. Well, they say it’s for charity but really, we all know what it’s about.

Free pizza.

It’s always about the pizza.

At least but that’s what I’ve heard but come to think of it I might be wrong. There might not be any free pizza at all.

Damn it.

Oh well. For charity then I suppose.

10 years ago I would have done any kind of marathon—of the non-running kind of course—without batting an eye but that was 10 years ago. I hadn’t even turned 20 back then. Things are a little different now.

I have a wife. A child. A desperate need for a solid 8 hours of sleep if I’m supposed to function in normal society. I have a predictable desire to drink my morning coffee before I talk to anyone.

Oh well. All for the kids, right?

Wish me luck.

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