With temperatures between 12–17° C I really feel like spring is not only here, it’s here to stay. You know what’s also here? Easter.

Jesus is Dead, Let’s Eat Chocolate

477 words about life — 16:00 · 18th Apr 2014



With it, comes that splendour we all remember and cherish so deeply. The overindulgence of chocolates in the name of a dead fictional character from a monotheistic doctrine that I don’t particularly prescribe to.

I think that’s probably enough religion for one post, right?

Yeah, let’s just move on and keep things super-duper-extra light and superficial from now on, okay?

Look over here! Look at the pretty picture I took of a blooming Cherry Tree outside of where I work.

A blooming Cherry Tree
A few days later all of these flowers were gone. So sad.

But I suppose it’s not all about the chocolate.

“It’s totally about the chocolate.”

In the previous post “My Body: The Trash Receptacle” I mentioned eating healthier now than I ever had before and here’s the proof.

And by proof I mean a picture of a bowl of porridge. I’ll leave you to assume I ate this.

A bowl of oatmeal porridge with apple sauce
Carlos took and combined: Common Oatmeal (HP +5) with Motherfucking Apple Sauce (ST +3)

Of course no Easter would be without its decorations. Thankfully—much like last year—I didn’t have to give it much thought as Rebecka and Lucien had all of that covered.

Instead I took the responsibility of thinking about what food we should eat during this festive season—with the additional request of lamb from Rebecka. To which I suggested Maris Piper Roast Potatoes and Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Lamb.

She approved and they lived happily ever after.

A handcrafted witch on a broomstick
Rebecka and Lucien’s improvisational crafts.

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that this post is really all about the pictures. All of this, the writing in-between. Well, that’s just the lubricant to get you from one picture to another.

The mad rambling of a man in desperate need of another cup of coffee.

A joke building up to a bad great punchline.

A chocolate egg hidden amongst a blooming flower
Sssh, don’t tell Lucien. He’s going to try to find it tomorrow.

And that’s it for this time. So, go out there, think about Jesus, eat some chocolate, maybe slaughter a lamb or two but most important of all; Think about Jesus Eat chocolate.

The yearly Easter card from the Eriksson family

You’ve just read Jesus is Dead, Let’s Eat Chocolate.

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