In which I hit the final nail in the coffin that is my weekly updates and lay out the future plans for the new and improved monthly updates.

The Last Abominable Weekly Update

544 words about life — 11:20 · 15th Nov 2014

As I’m sure you’ve noticed The Abominable Weekly Update is swimming with the fishes. Gone the way of the dodo. Hopped the stick and other idioms like that.

In short, it’s dead.


And can’t say that I care that much, to be honest. I’ve grown tired of this shtick and would like to retire it and create a new shtick I can in due time also grow weary of and retire.

The whole circle of life and all.

I’m retiring the The Abominable Weekly Update tag—I’m going to get around to making this link actually go somewhere—This will be last entry featuring it and come next time I will have thought of something new. Something exciting. Something fresh.

I had originally written this entry using my newfangled little writing tool Saga—not nearly as cool as it sounds—but being lazy as I had, I had neglected to implement a way for the browser to cache my writing—I will after this, using HTML5 Storage—which resulted in me accidentally pressing Back and wiping all of it away.


So now I’m rewriting the same thing I just wrote, which is super-annoying.

The reason I’m retiring The Abominable Weekly Update is because it’s too tiring to write an entry. Every. Single. God damn. Week.

The thing is, I used to think that those entries had to be about 1000 words long as well. Many of course weren’t, which made me feel guilty and like a failure.

Every. Single. God damn. Week.

Now I understand that the biggest reason you even show up here to read this stupid blog, journal, whatever I decide to call it, is out of voyeuristic curiosity and I get it. I’m like that too.

Which is why I won’t stop writing about my mundane existence, I’ll just do it with less frequency.

See, there’s so many things I want to do and experience and I don’t want to be tied down writing about living instead of, you know? Actually living.

Now I suppose I could just stop sleeping or get a amphetamine addiction.

But I know how important a good sleeping pattern is for my physical and emotional well being so I can’t justify doing that.

And amphetamine is so expensive.

Which is why something else has to change. And that something else is the frequency by which I write my weekly updates.

Hint: They’re no longer going to be weekly. Maybe monthly, or bi-monthly instead depending on which one makes more sense.

Oh yeah, and I’m calling them entries rather than posts from now on because I think it more accurately portrays the diary-like nature of my journal.

Stay tuned—don’t, just come back in a couple of weeks—for the first instalment of my new and improved monthly updates which I will publish towards the end of every month between September and June. July and August is going to be my vacation time where I get to relax and recharge.

In-between these monthly entries, I’ll write about whatever else I feel like, be it gaming, design or just a silly video I like.

And well there you go. A meta-entry about entries. How beautifully pointless yet delightfully informative.

You’ve just read The Last Abominable Weekly Update.

In which, 9 years ago, I wrote 544 words about life and I covered topics, such as: the abominable weekly update .