Lucien turns an incredible 6 years old and in honour of that, almost everyone dresses up like a super hero.

The Super Heroic Weekly Update

734 words about life — 01:30 · 20th Jul 2014

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Is it… Superman?

No, it’s—

The Super Heroic Weekly Update

Yeah, it’s one of those. Again.

This week has been rather uneventful, barring the ominous thunderstorms that interrupted the heatwave we’ve experienced this entire week.

Ominous thunderstorm clouds.
Satan’s butt-hole, seconds before it raptured. Photo courtesy of Matthew Last.

And that’s the week that’s passed. Now, on to the weekend, where you need to suit up!

It’s time to get super-powered in honour of Lucien’s birthday. He turning 6 years old this weekend and since he’s so used to getting up and going to school, he’s quite the early bird.

Which—when you think about it—is quite hilarious because it meant that when he woke up I had to tell him to go back and lie, pretend that he was sleeping, so that I in turn could wake Rebecka so that we could wake him up by singing “Ja, må han leva” (Yes, may he live), the Swedish birthday song.

Thankfully he was an eager participant to our little endeavour and we could quickly get to the part he was excited about, the presents.

In the middle of building the Lego King's Castle, 70404.
Oh God, so much Lego. Even though I’m the one who bought all of it.

Rebecka and I concluded—as he was happily opening his presents—that we had gone a bit overboard this year with the amount of presents. To counteract this materialism I think we’re going to have to wrap up a carrot and give him that for Christmas this year.

I then spent the following 4 hours building Lego with Lucien, which ended up being about 50% awesome fun because I love Lego and 50% excruciating because my stupid body husk doesn’t want to sit in a weird, crouched, fetal position building with Lego for 4 hours.

But I survived and could prepare for the next challenge.

The onslaught of 10 superhero themed children, including my own. Faced with these insurmountable odds, I did the only thing I could. I joined them.

Carlos dressed as Batman.
To fight them, I must become one of them. Photo courtesy of Dominic Bodmer.

Being the world’s greatest detective I deduced that the only thing that would subdue these creatures children, was cake.

Thankfully, Rebecka—who was dressed as Bubbles—had baked an appropriately themed birthday cake, giving us the leverage we needed to bribe them with a bat cake.

Lucien and his Batman birthday cake.
The world’s greatest cake. Photo courtesy of Dominic Bodmer.

And in the end, Lucien’s birthday party went awesomely—much thanks to Batman keeping everyone safe, if I may say so myself—and everyone had a, hopefully, great time.

Cake was eaten, balloons were blown up, only to be popped within the first 5 minutes, tears were shed, laughs were had, and no one died.

Group photo of all the guests at Lucien’s birthday party.
All the best superheroes were there, like two of the three Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles & Blossom), Batman, Spidermans—or is it Spidermen?—Poison Ivy and… ummm… Captain Underpants. To name a few.

And there you have it. Another week gone by. Another year for Lucien, who is now 6 years old and very keen to make sure people know about it.

Until his next birthday, here’s a picture a someone who quite clearly is not Lucien. Because his name is Oscar. And his costume was awesome.

One of the children, Oscar, dressed as Wolverine.
Even Wolverine, who tends to shy away from social gatherings, made an appearance.

You’ve just read The Super Heroic Weekly Update.

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