Do you smell that? Smells like spring to me.

To Burger or Not to Burger

472 words about life — 07:00 · 15th Mar 2014


It’s in the air, right?


Or at least I would like to think so, but the truth is that I not entirely sure. Not because I can’t look out through the window or check the weather forecasts online, but more because my circadian rhythm is deeply confused by zeitgebers.

See, I’m used to the Finnish climate and the inevitability change in that climate and despite having lived in the UK for almost two years now—yeah, time sure doth fly—I still haven’t quite entrained to this climate.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

This week marked the arrival—thought not officially, as that apparently coincides with the start of the vernal equinox—of spring, with temperatures around 10–15 °C.

And I’m not used to that. Not this early. The second the sun peeks out from its winter slumber is the second I start thinking about BBQ season and beer-drinking in the park.

But the sun doth device me. It’s only out for a few hours at most. So, whilst my circadian rhythm is telling me it’s late May—“Get out there! Beer and BBQ motherfucker!”—it, of course, isn’t actually late May. It’s March. And on the earlier side of March at that.

But, you know what?

I’m probably going to BBQ anyway. If the weather continues to be this good next week I really have no reason not to. Sure, I have to clean the glorious Deluxe Kettle Charcoal BBQ that I bought last year. And sure, I have to figure out why I’m so terrible at using a BBQ.

But in the end it’ll be worth it, because in the spirit of explorations and new experiences I have decided, for this year, to make hamburgers with various exotic meats.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I’m looking forward to eating a Crocodile Burger. Even if it’s disgusting. Which I have to assume, it might be. I’m still looking forward to it, and various other things I will eat.

In some way, you could compare me to a modern-day Charles Darwin… if… you know. I actually also catalogued and discovered entirely new species. That I then ate.

So really maybe not so much like Darwin.

Needless to say; I’m quite looking forward to this year’s summer.

Aside for the eating, we have some awesome plans to go to France by train, Lucien and I are going to get our retro gaming on, I’m releasing A Rainy Night on Drury Lane—as soon as I’m happy with it—and Rebecka and I will finally get our wedding rings.

Boom. Abominable Weekly Update, out.

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