In which we put on our best shawls, paint red spots on our cheeks and celebrate, what else, but Easter of course.

Eggcellent Easter Everyone!

217 words about life — 22:30 · 4th Apr 2015

In Sweden and parts of Finland, rather than just pay our respects to the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jeeby Creeby, we have managed to hold on to old pagan traditions as well—what else?

I suppose it’s only natural since moving to the UK, that passing these traditions along have become more important.

Before Jeeby Creeby showed up and ruined everything with his holier than thou, “I’m the son of God, blah blah,” Easter was a time for some good old pagan fun. It was a time for witches to fly off on broomsticks to dance with the devil at Blåkulla (Blue Hill).

A time where children, both girls and boys, dressed up as påskkärringar (Easter Hags), painted their faces, carried a broomstick—or perhaps a copper pot—and walked around the neighbourhood knocking on peoples’ doors for treats, similar to Halloween here in the UK.

So, in preserving traditions, what is one to do?

Carlos and Lucien Eriksson dressed up as Easter Hags.
Some pictures really don’t need captions, do they?

And lamb on Sunday. Everyone’s happy.

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