In which I realise that it’s only a month until my first speaking event and it’s dawning on me how ill prepared I am.

Oh Shit, Camping!

288 words about industry — 19:15 · 12th Aug 2015

I’m still on my writing holiday which is why I’m going to keep this as short as possible.

Back when I announced that I’m speaking at my first conference I had plenty of time before the actual conference was taking place.

Well, 5 months has quickly turned into 1 month and on September the 12th I’m going to be one of the five main speakers at Web in the Woods, a delightful conference with a campfire.

An animated campfire icon.

Today is the day I realise that I don’t have a tent. Or a sleeping bag. Or anything of the bare essentials one needs to survive outdoors–granted it’s just for a weekend but still.

I might have to look into all of this very soon.

I’m sure I’ll get it fixed by the 12th of September, I mean, it’s a whole month until then.

Join us, there’s a great line-up of Lucie De Lacy, Dan Edwards, Sally Jenkinson, Paul Adam Davis and of course, yours truly speaking about different awesome things.

My talk is titled Accessibility = Money, where I aim to demonstrate how ignoring accessibility is actually costing you, and your business in lost revenue.

Come and enjoy the crackling of burning wood and perhaps some s’mores, by getting yourself a ticket to Web in the Woods and I’ll see you by the campfire.

Use the promotional code CARLOS for £50 off your ticket.

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