In this month’s issue of Keeping Up With the Erikssons: We finally go to Dicken’s World, I camp in the woods and speak at my first conference and the hair goes.

Significant September, Issue 09/15

665 words about life — 18:00 · 8th Oct 2015

Another month flew by so quickly that it took me almost a week into October, when Benjamin asked me, “Where’s the monthly post?” before I realised that I had completely forgotten to write about September.

Let’s get that taken care of, shall we?

Dicken’s World

Whilst Lucien had his list of places he wanted to go, Rebecka also had hers.

And it was about time she got something she wanted—which makes it sound like she never gets anything she wants.

They had recreated Victorian England in a warehouse.

So with this in mind, we headed of to Dicken’s World, a 90 minute interactive guided tour experience which takes you back in time to Victorian England to explore the atmospheric streets, courtyards and alleyways that were home to Charles Dickens and his novels and short stories.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. Charles Dickens, Doctor Marigold

The tour took on us on a humour tour around the Victorian streets of Camden, including a taste of what Victorian schools would have been like—too close for comfort as it turned out with their school being quite reminiscent of Rebecka’s own school years.

Mind you, the real street of Camden probably weren’t quite so dramatically lit.

Thankfully, it didn’t stir up quite as many memories for me, though I found it fascinating to see the origin of the whole, “Yes, Sir,” attitude which remains to date.

I can highly recommend Dicken’s World, even to those with little interest in history as it practically—and quite literally—came to life in the experienced hands of the tour guides and was an enjoyable and interesting tour through and through.

I left Dicken’s World feeling like they could easily expand on the whole concept they have and make it even bigger, that’s how good and how much potential it has.

Web in the Woods

In September I spoke at my first conference, Web in the Woods, but since I’ve written about it extensively I’m not going to do it much more here. If you’re intersted in my preparations, and reviewing of pretty much everything I took with me, you can read all about it in A Finn in the Forest, Part I.

As for the conference itself, which went really well, I’ve written about it in A Finn in the Forest, Part II.

Just a little from the sides

So. After letting both my beard and hair grow, the time had come for the latter to become significantly shorter.

My plan was always to cut the hair first—I wanted to see what I looked like with short hair and a beard.

And now I know.

I had forgotten how many scars I actually have on my skull.

The before and after photos shows just how much can change in an hour.

And as my journey, of growing a beard for a year, is nearing its end I can finally eat ice cream again, without my soup strainer taking half of it in toll charge.

At times I have trouble believing that I’ve actually come this far—had it not been for my incessant documenting and taking of selfies.

And if you haven’t been following my… beardourney—

—That joke doesn’t work.

Anyway. If you aren’t already following my beard journey, I highly recommend you start now and comment for heaven’s sake, it looks really sad when it’s just me talking to myself—

—kind of like, right now.

And that’s it for this month.

You’ve just read Significant September, Issue 09/15.

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