In which I talk about talking. In the woods. With a fire and everything.

Web in the Woods

253 words about industry — 13:00 · 12th Apr 2015

Announcement time!

Later this year, on September the 12th—5 months from now—I’m going to be one of the five main speakers at Web in the Woods, a delightful conference with a campfire.

An animated campfire icon.

I’ve been thinking about and wanting to give back to the web community ever since I attended my first conference Front-End London, back in March two years ago and got to talking to one of the speakers afterwards.

Light seeping through trees in the Badgells Woods.
Pretty, innit? Photo by Richard Williams.

Joining Lucie De Lacy, Dan Edwards, Sally Jenkinson and Paul Adam Davis as well as five on-the-spot lightning speakers, I hope to inspire people—much like other people have inspired me—with my talk.

Titled Accessibility = Money, I aim to demonstrate how ignoring accessibility is actually costing you, and your business in lost revenue.

So if you’re feeling up for an inspirational conference where instead of crowding a noisy pub, you can enjoy the crackling of burning wood and perhaps some s’mores afterwards, then get yourself a ticket and I’ll see you by the campfire.

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