In which it’s time for the customary Eriksson family Easter greeting.

An Enjoyable Heathen Easter

247 words about life — 19:00 · 26th Mar 2016

And faster than you can say, “Jesus died for our sins,” it’s Easter again.

It all came a little faster than I had excepted it. Or so I thought at least, until I looked at the calendar and realised that we’re only in March.

It would seem Easter came early for everyone this year, not just me.

Easter is one of those holidays that I have mixed feelings about.

That is, when I have any feelings about it at all.

I’m not a religious man by any means, my closest association would be that of an agnostic but even that’s a stretch nowadays.

I consider myself spiritual. But I don’t think there’s an afterlife and I don’t believe our spirits wander around.

When you’re gone, that’s it. Done. Fin.

You get one chance, make it count.

Which makes celebrating the resurrection of the son of a singular deity a strange thought.

Happy Easter wishes from the entire Eriksson family.

So instead, we’re celebrating a more heathen Easter this year. But no, no fertility rituals by jumping over the dying embers of a bonfire. Though as I say that I really want to jump over the dying embers of a bonfire.

No, we’re enjoying a more relaxing—we need to relax a little amidst all this stress—Easter.

So to all of you, heathens or not, a Happy Easter from the Eriksson family.

You’ve just read An Enjoyable Heathen Easter.

In which, 5 years ago, I wrote 247 words about life and I covered topics, such as: season’s greetings, and easter.