In which I finish migrating all the entries from 2009 and realise how shit most of them are.

Tales from the Archive

278 words about meta — 21:00 · 3rd Jan 2016

As I concluded the year that had been by updating the copy for 2015 in the Archive, I also thought it would a good time to actually get some of the old entries from Blogger migrated.

Most of the work involved in moving over all the entries from 2009 had already been done and it was mostly a case of pushing (i.e. uploading to Github) the changes to the server.

Before I did though I, of course, had to go through them to write a summary for 2009 on the Archive page.

As I’m sure you can imagine, most of them are shit.

Really, terribly, horribly, embarrassingly shit.

The only, really, redeeming series of entries is when I perform at Night of Arts and publish all the songs I played; Leap of Faith, Most Lesbians, Into the Night and Made of Glass.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that I want all the entries to live here I would probably pretend most of those entries didn’t exist and simply delete the old Blogger account.

What I’m trying to say is this; By all means, go and check out some of the old stuff—in case you’re a newer reader who wasn’t around back in good ol’ 2009 or just want a trip down memory lane—but be warned, 83% of the entries are, in fact, shit.

Like the incoherent rambling about a unicorn named Charlie.

And why I thought it would be appropriate to end so many entries with a, “fuck off,” is beyond me.

You’ve just read Tales from the Archive.

In which, 5 years ago, I wrote 278 words about meta and I covered topics, such as: writing, and jekyll.