In which I announce the next chapter in the journey that is Carlos figuring out this running stuff people keep talking about—by which I mean I’m running the London Marathon.

Running with Demons: The Road to the London Marathon

459 words about health — 09:00 · 20th Nov 2017

I almost pissed myself with excitement when EAAA called me to let me know what I would be one of their gold bond runners in next year’s Virgin Money London Marathon.

I’m running the London fucking Marathon next year!

Not only am I running the London Marathon, I’m also documenting my journey in a vlog series I’m calling Running with Demons.

On this journey I plan on talking about learning how to run and training to run further than humans are meant to run, we’ll talk about mental health, sleeping properly, eating regularly—exciting stuff I know!—and why it’s already hurting between my toes.

Between my fucking toes!

Unlike my spectacular half marathon earlier this year I’m going to make an effort to not vomit so violently this time.

The first episode aired last Thursday. Catch it here in case you missed it.

I promise the videos will get better as I figure this vlogging thing out.

As much as I’m running for myself, I’m also running for EAAA and the great work they do in saving people’s literal lives.

Since their formation in 2000, EAAA has attended over 22,000 missions around the whole of East Anglia.

Prince William—the Duke of Cambridge himself—was even a pilot with them. He sadly stepped down from flying earlier this year to take on more royal duties.

So there goes my chances of getting a selfie with Prince Willy.

EAAA is a charitable service and doesn’t receive direct funding from the government, meaning they rely on donations and fundraising activities, such as a weekly lottery tickets, corporate donations and legacy giving to keep the helicopters flying.

I am genuinely honoured and delighted to help them continue to do their great work.

And as soon as I’ve set up a donation page—Shit, I need to do that!—you can help too.

As for Running with Demons, the plan is to release an episode every other Thursday which means the next episode will air on the 30th of November.

I said I would make this year count and as this year draws to an end, let’s make the next one count as well.

I would be thrilled if you joined me on my journey of hurting toes and not vomiting violently.

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