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The year He Jiankui creates the first human genetically edited babies.

  • In which I look back at the year that has passed with all its intentions, failures and lessons.

    In Hindsight

    07:00 · 30th Dec 2018

  • In which I finish my 18th book for the year and look at the transformative power of reading.

    What I’ve Read This Year

    07:00 · 16th Dec 2018

  • In which I remember what my one-and-a-half-year-old self already knew when my love of food and cooking is rekindled.

    The Butter-Butt Boy

    07:00 · 2nd Dec 2018

  • In which I outline the practical steps and positive results of embracing the beauty of a daily routine.

    The Beauty of Daily Routines

    07:00 · 18th Nov 2018

  • In which I finally get back to running, realise how important it is and join the infamous Runner’s Gut club.

    Return to Running, or How I Shat Myself on the M11 Bridge

    07:00 · 4th Nov 2018

  • In which I reduce my digital distractions only to realise how many real-life distractions I also have.

    Detoxing from Digital Distractions

    07:00 · 21st Oct 2018

  • In which I spent a year actively giving space to other people and realising just how much more spatial awareness women have.

    I’m a 6′ White Guy, and I Spent a Year Getting out of Everyone’s Way

    07:00 · 7th Oct 2018

  • In which I ask my friends, family and co-workers to answer a, ‘What am I like?’ survey and reflect on their anonymous answers.

    Can I Change My Charming Character?

    07:00 · 23rd Sep 2018

  • In which I try to design a tattoo without cultural appropriation and realise that Neo-Nazis are appropriating mine.

    The Troubles with Taboo Tattoos

    07:00 · 9th Sep 2018

  • In which my siblings and I get together to recreate childhood photos as a birthday present for our mom.

    Making Memories with Our Marvellous Mom

    07:00 · 26th Aug 2018

  • In which I see a psychic and accidentally dig up some unresolved daddy issues from the other side.

    Dialogues with My Dead Dad

    07:00 · 12th Aug 2018

  • In which I try to figure out and focus on what makes me happy.

    How Does Happiness Happen?

    07:00 · 29th Jul 2018

  • In which I spend six months being my own emotional detective, tracking my moods and figuring out what makes me tick.

    Managing My Motherfucking Moods

    07:00 · 15th Jul 2018

  • In which I answer life’s hard questions, like, ‘Can I eat all the avocado in the world?’ by going on the keto diet.

    The Ketogenic Man

    07:00 · 1st Jul 2018

  • In which I get hands-on experience with Transferwise’s new Borderless account and its accompanying Mastercard debit card, spending less money for more value when traveling abroad.

    Beating the Bullies of Banking

    07:00 · 17th Jun 2018

  • In which I read, cry, laugh and review Robert Webb’s How Not to Be a Boy.

    How Not to Be a Boy

    07:00 · 3rd Jun 2018

  • In which he looks back at 20 years of writing as this journal of his turns 10-years-old.

    The Diary of Two Decades

    07:00 · 20th May 2018

  • In which I admit to being defeated by my injury and have my place in the London Marathon deferred.

    Disappointment, Defeat and Deferral

    07:00 · 6th May 2018

  • In which there’s only three weeks left to the London Marathon and I must confess, I’m not sure if I’m ready to run it.

    Limping with Demons

    13:00 · 1st Apr 2018

  • In which I begin the slow process of reassembling myself.

    Some Reassembly Required

    08:30 · 29th Mar 2018