In which I want to add a bunch of new stuff but I want to make sure that stuff isn’t there just for the sake of it.

Reboot: ‘Business’ Goals

341 words about creative — 16:50 · 26th Feb 2020

The last entry dealt with raw data and my assumptions for how this translates into what people and robots might want from my site. This entry will deal with what I want and why.

Despite my occasional efforts over the years, has always been a personal blog more than anything else.

I don’t mind this, in fact, I like and welcome it.

This is my own space to do whatever I like, whether that’s experiment with writing an episodic novella, obsessing about cupcakes or bearing parts of my soul at its rawest.

But in its current form, that only captures fragments of who I am and that’s the essence of what I want to change. I want to expand the multitudes which are captured on my website.

If I was a business, this would be my business goal but I’m not so “business” goal will have to do.

Goal one, I need to figure out what those multitudes should be, or are.

Goal two, is there a Venn diagram where my goals and your goals meet?

By reading this, you’re already visiting my website, which is the qualifier.

I’m running a user interview experiment for the next month and I would like to ask you a few questions in exchange for owing you a favour, whether that’s a cup of coffee, a bit of emotional labour or some accessibility advice.

Goal three, I need to own my data.

I will retake what Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have squandered and misused. Which to some extent means creating ecosystems that fill those gaps—or not at all because they don’t need to be filled—but at least then I know that it’s something I can live without.

The new Notes section is my proof-of-concept Twitter-replacement. But it needs to go through the same process as everything else to see if it has purpose enough to warrant its existence or if I simply need to let it go and consider it a successful failure.

You’ve just read Reboot: ‘Business’ Goals.

In which, 4 years ago, I wrote 341 words about creative and I covered topics, such as: web design , and behind the scenes .