In which I add a new section to my site to showcase my selected work.

Reboot: Multitudes

420 words about creative — 10:35 · 29th Feb 2020

As you might have figured out by now, we’re weeks, maybe even months away from the aesthetic aspects of this reboot/redesign.

So, I’ve realised that I need to figure out what my multitudes should be, or are.

Or in the words of Tatiana Mac:

I contain multitudes, but so many of them don’t fit into that little LinkedIn quip that’s either your Role at Company or your abstracted identities reduced to 2-3 words. Check, m8. Tech, h8.

Where do I start?

In my youth, I intermittently used to work as a florist. Not like a proper one but because my mom worked in my grandmother’s floral shop.

I’ve done various gigs as the following things: interior design consultant, public school sex educator, carpenter, designer at a print shop, and service and care provider for people disabled by society.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in: acting, board game development, drawing, fiction writing, logo design, painting (with exhibitions), sculpting (with exhibitions), singer-songwriting, teaching (Skillshare), web design and build, and wood-crafting to name a few.

I’m often reminded of the “Jack of all trades” quote but people often forget the last stanza of it:

Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.

Needless to say, the road to today has been an interesting one filled without beautiful detours.

If I was a business I suspect this is the point where someone would argue, “we should focus on a niche and narrow down our demographic.”

“Shut up Chad, who invited you to the board meeting anyway?”

I’ve spent years focusing on web development and accessibility and whilst I’m happy that I did—and let’s be honest, I’m still going to—I want to include the rest of me.

I want my website to become more of a museum or library of, well, me.

Now, maybe all these things don’t need to be featured on the website, but most, yeah, they probably do.

In writing these lists of things, I struggled to remember many of them, almost forgetting entirely about the singer-songwriting even though I have my acoustic guitar sitting right in front of me.

So, even if my selected work serves no else’s purpose, it serves mine well enough.

My purpose, to serve as a living document of my multitudes.

So, to that effect, I will need a new section, which I’m calling Showcase for now and it will be built in the open like everything else.

You’ve just read Reboot: Multitudes.

In which, 4 years ago, I wrote 420 words about creative and I covered topics, such as: web design , and behind the scenes .