In which I resurrect the Eriksson Christmas card tradition.

The Resurrection of Christmas

148 words about life — 14:46 · 23rd Dec 2021

Back in 2017 I retired the Eriksson season’s greetings.

At the time, I didn’t want to continue with them.

This year, as Katy suggested the great idea of using Jude’s foot to make a Christmas tree, a spark was reignited and the want to make a card returned.

Katy and I ended up making very different cards from this same idea, sending them to our families—hopefully in time for Christmas.

And from that, I remembered that I once used to publish an annual card here. I’m now resurrecting that tradition.

Except, now it’s the Eriksson-Blows Christmas card.

A Christmas tree made from Jude's footprint, Lucien's thumbprint for baubles and Carlos' thumb as the star. Outlined roughly with pigmet liner.

Katy, Jude, Lucien and I wish you a kind and very Merry Christmas.

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