In which I write week notes for 29th March to 4th April.

Week Note, 13

137 words about life — 07:06 · 4th Apr 2021

This week:

  • I’ve enjoyed a funky Natural Pacamara coffee bean from Finca Las Brumas in El Salvador

  • Lucien has been here for the first half of his Easter holiday—and we’ve gone for country-side walks, hung out, and played video games

  • I’ve finished Season 5 of Superstore on Netflix—now I’ll have to wait for Season 6

  • the cot (infant bed) for the nursery has arrived

  • favourite song(s): Turn You and Remember by In This Moment

  • currently reading: The Shortness of Life by Seneca

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 4,371,393 (4th April)1

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