In which I write week notes for 24th to 30th May.

Week Note, 21

186 words about life — 07:11 · 30th May 2021

This week:

  • I’m loving a Natural Longberry coffee bean from La Linda in Bolivia

  • I’ve concluded talks with the [redacted] digital agency—not moving there at this time

  • I dug up an old board game I started developing over a decade ago—and now thinking about if I could finish it

  • I’ve deployed the revised Topics, now called Subjects—going forward, these will link different content with each other

  • I’ve been understanding more than expected of Tom Francis’ Make A Game In Unity With No Experience—a still have an itch to make a game but I’ve decided to refrain until I have a primary gameplay loop idea I like

  • favourite song: The Burden of Belief by Times of Grace (second week running)

  • currently reading: Watching the English by Kate Fox

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 4,496,823 (30th May)1

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