In which I write week notes for 7th to 13th June.

Week Note, 23

135 words about life — 08:10 · 13th Jun 2021

This week:

  • I chatted to Beije—were we talked about the Secretary problem and compared book reading approaches

  • I still haven’t gotten past the first boss in The Surge so moved over to Superliminal—Lucien recommended it and I’m thoroughly enjoying its forced-perspective gameplay

  • I’ve had a couple of more talks with companies—nothing beyond initial chats so far though

  • I’ve thought about the spacing and layouts for the Reboot

  • favourite song: The Burden of Belief by Times of Grace—yes, again

  • currently reading: Watching the English by Kate Fox—it’s a big book

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 4,574,445 (13th June)1

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