In which I write week notes for 4th to 10th April.

Week Note, Y22 W14

161 words about life — 06:18 · 10th Apr 2022

This week:

  • Jude is trying to pull himself up on the sofa, unsuccessfully, much to his frustration

  • I’ve now painted 82% of the first boxes of Warhammer 40K (plagubearers and plague marines) I bought over a year ago—my pile of future excitement is great!

  • I had dinner with Julia—so great to catch up!

  • I finally got around to watching Coded Bias and I can highly recommend it

  • I also watched The Bleeding Edge

  • favourite song: Know Your Enemy (Live) by Killswitch Engage

  • currently reading: [Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won’t Solve Our Problems and What We Can Do About It][pressure] by Sarah Bowen, Joslyn Brenton, and Sinikka Elliott

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 21,716,180 (10th April)1

What’s cooking, good looking?

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