In which I write week notes for 25th to 31st July.

Week Note, Y22 W30

188 words about life — 06:13 · 31st Jul 2022

This week:

  • I’m slurping on a Natural H1 (Centroamericano) coffee bean from La Huella in Nicaragua

  • I finally replaced the cracked screen on my phone with an entirely new phone, a Google Pixel 6a

  • I based and re-primed Lucien’s Pink Horrors—he’s painting them black so it made more sense to prime them in black instead of grey

  • Jude’s been going for trial days at the nursery to see how he’ll manage when he start going to nursery for real—he’s really enjoying it!

  • favourite song: Still in Love with You by Stephan Schleiner

  • currently reading: Unmasking Autism: The Power of Embracing Our Hidden Neurodiversity by Devon Price

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 23,515,888 (31st July)1

  • Monkeypox cases (UK): 2,437 (28th July)2

End of July, what?!

  1. An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time 

  2. Kraemer, Tegally, Pigott, Dasgupta, Sheldon, Wilkinson, Schultheiss, et al. Tracking the 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak with Epidemiological Data in Real-Time. The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

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