In which I write week notes for 26th September to 2nd October.

Week Note, Y22 W39

135 words about life — 06:43 · 2nd Oct 2022

This week:

  • I’m continuing to give C# and game development in Unity a try—currently I’m focusing on physics and the core gameplay loop

  • favourite song: Finale by Slipknot

  • currently reading: Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage by Paulo Freire

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 23,893,496 (2nd October)1

  • Monkeypox cases (UK): 3,635 (30th September)2

Welcome to October! (makes haunted noises)

  1. An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time 

  2. Kraemer, Tegally, Pigott, Dasgupta, Sheldon, Wilkinson, Schultheiss, et al. Tracking the 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak with Epidemiological Data in Real-Time. The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

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