In which I make the annual Christmas card and manage to get everyone’s feet in it.

A Very Verdant Christmas

135 words about life — 08:30 · 18th Dec 2023

Unlike last year—knock on wood—we’ve managed to avoid any illnesses that would prevent us from travelling.

So by this time tomorrow, we’ll already be on the plane heading for Finland to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

The last time we had got together for the holidays was in 2018 so we’re really fucking excited to sleep in rooms that drop to 10°C at night—my mom has promised to turn the heating on a little bit so we should be okay.

A forest of trees made from our green-coloured footprints. Jude's foot is dressed as a Christmas tree with baubles and tinsel hastily drawn using metallic pens.

Katy, Jude, Lucien and I wish you a very verdant Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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