In which I let you know that I’m still alive, and what I’ve been doing lately.

Screenshot Sunday

210 words about creative — 12:59 · 27th Aug 2023

This blog most definitely isn’t dead, despite it being quiet.

My attention has been elsewhere—parenting a toddler.

And in the downtimes of parenting, I’ve also had recurring colds etc., that have needed strong antibiotics, so there’s also been that.

Yay me!

And in the little downtimes between parenting and man-dying, I’ve been learning C Sharp and Unity, and toying around with a prototype because I have an itch, an itch to be a pirate…

EDIT, 19 September 202: I’ve paused all development in Unity. I had only started learning and with the recent actions from Unity’s greedy CEO John Riccitiello it’s become clear that I should keep all my options open and review other engines such as Godot and Unreal before any actual development begins. I’m lucky in that I’m not locked into Unity in any way.

EDIT, 25 September 2023: Unity has now back-pedaled in a way which makes me think this outcome was always the actual plan. I remain vigilant about their behaviour and I’ll be reviewing my options.

Screenshot from a work in progress video game depicting a ship firing cannons at another ship.
This is much too ambitous, as always.

Consider this screenshot a work-in-progress-might-not-become-anything-but-we’ll-see.

You’ve just read Screenshot Sunday.

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