In which I try to contain my boredom about Bethesda’s Starfield.

Shortcomings of Starfield

350 words about review — 13:01 · 19th Sep 2023

I’ve played Fallout 4 for over 113 hours (6,808 minutes). And although I don’t have a similar data point to compare for Fallout 3—judging by the number of achievements I’ve unlocked when compared with Fallout 4, I can safely say I’ve spent even more time in Fallout 3.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent 30 hours in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I didn’t even like that game.

The point I’m trying to make here is that I play Bethesda games, perhaps not as much as some people, but definitely enough to warrant having opinions on the internet.

And before you say anything, let me reassure you that I could not care less about your opinion.

Just like you, probably, don’t give a shit about mine either.

So let’s coexist harmoniously indifferent to each other—there’s a reason this website hasn’t had a comment section since 2014.


I think two hours is enough time to get into anything.

After 118 minutes with Starfield, that means I still have to put in another 2 minutes to meet my own standards.

But you know what?

I might not.

Because I am so bored.

Starfield wallpaper.
To infinity and wherever.

Between bland cardboard combat and loading screens interspersed with tiny-text UI screens, I don’t really know where the game is.

Like, seriously, where’s Starfield?

It’s really hard to not compare it to No Man’s Sky (NMS)—which I put about 42 hours into before I stopped.

In defence of Starfield, No Man’s Sky is on its 37th update, an ongoing effort for seven years where Hello Games have worked hard to recover from an abysmal initial release.

And I didn’t play No Man’s Sky when it first came out either, waiting until four years later to pick it up.

So, perhaps I’m too hasty, perhaps, I need to wait like I did for NMS.

Perhaps, given four years, Starfield will become what Todd Howard already imagines it to be. Because today, it isn’t.

You know what, let’s do just that.

Expect this entry to receive an update in four years.

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