In which I share a non-authoritative list of the things that are currently sparking joy.

Spinning The Joy Wheel

420 words about health — 16:48 · 18th Feb 2024

I just realised I haven’t written anything yet this year.

So we’re rectifying that immediately with a silly little list of all the (current) things I do when I want something to do that sparks joy and all that shit but sadly would forget about because my brain struggles with remembering that I’m doing a project unless I can physically see it pretty much all of the time.

But it’s not very practical to surround my bedroom with every artefact from ongoing projects.

So I put them in a spreadsheet instead.

God do I love a spreadsheet.

Some bullet points obviously have an almost infinite sublist, such as ‘paint miniatures’, which already contains twenty or so miniatures and various sculpting all concealed in that one bullet point.

But because I can continue on that project in anyway I like, ‘paint miniatures’ will do as far as reminders to myself are concerned.

This list is also, obviously, subject to all manners of change. For all you know, I’ve already changed it haha.

Carlos Eriksson as a Disney character standing my fortune wheel depicting all the different things he's historically done and blogged about, like shitting himself.
So exciting! You never know when the wheel will land on, “Oh god, everything’s on fire!”

These are in no order at all, it’s just how I remembered them at the time of putting them into the spreadsheet.

I then added a random function so it would just pick any of them anytime I update a cell—it’s basic as fuck and I love it.

  • paint miniatures
  • work on EMBRACE
  • macrame the thing
  • read a book
  • lino!
  • work on next sleeve tattoo
  • work on calf (running ) tattoo
  • find good linework tattoo artist! JOSH?
  • work on Reboot
  • make a date with a friend
  • go for a run
  • play covers on guitar
  • work on your own songs
  • work on zombie clown 2023
  • record a finished song with Rode
  • work on Tales from the Gun
  • work on Island of Eternity, translate cards to EN
  • code on pirate game
  • sculpt the 50s carlos disney figure so i have a scale model to reference
  • read comics (Sandman)
  • review cupcakes recipes
  • build ukulele
  • organise digital photos a bit

So that’s my current list of joyful things.

What do you have on Wheel of Joy?

You’ve just read Spinning The Joy Wheel.

In which, 2 months ago, I wrote 420 words about health and I covered topics, such as: journeys , and psychology .