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A Dickensian Christmas

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    In which the Eriksson family take a bus to experience their first Dickensian Christmas.

    I was actually going to write a post about the relationships between Love and Hate but I am too tired to get the bubble charts to display accurately. Damn it! The numbers don’t add up! I will have to save the charts for some other day. Instead I am going to keep this one short and just tell you about how we went to Rochester and experienced their Dickensian Christmas.

    So we took a bus and went to Rochester. There we experienced their Dickensian Christmas. Done.

    Nah, I’m kidding. Not that short.

    It was really cool and also a bit cold. We saw the Candlelit Parade and joined in on the Christmas Carols by the Rochester Cathedral. We even had “snow”, though of course not actual snow no, no instead it seemed to be some sort of bath foam thingy. Which was actually a bit disappointing in a way, at the same time I am quite happy — as is my wife — that it wasn’t actual snow because unlike beije — who freaking loves the stuff — we don’t like snow especially much. But I appreciated the sentiment if nothing else.

    Wandering around a bit more we also — sort of — stumbled into Rochester Castle which had a family funfair, carousels, roasted chestnuts for sale and “Carol of the Bells” playing in the background. At least I think it was “Carols of the Bells” but in case it wasn’t here’s a link to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” instead. Before we went home we also decided to have ourselves a cup of hot chocolate to warm our frozen extremities.

    The Dickensian Christmas of 2012 gets four frozen dicks out of five. Not bad, Charlie… not bad at all.

    Rochester Castle illuminated by night lights.
    Rochester Castle.

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