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A Horribly Haunted Halloween

~1 minutes

    In which I do the, by now, traditional pumpkin carving.

    Unlike last year, where I carved 3 pumpkins on my own—which kind of sucked—I was joined this year by Rebecka, Lucien and a few friends who all carved a pumpkin each.

    Sadly, I was busy trying out a new pizza dough when most of the carving occurred and don’t have any progress pictures so you’ll have to make do with just the final Greeting card instead.

    4 Jack O'Lanterns and a melon carved to look like a brain
    Some of us had to improvise when they couldn't find a pumpkin anymore.

    In case you’re wondering, mine is the one with the zombie face.

    So Happy All Hallows’ Eve to all, and to all… a good night?

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