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A Looming Embarrassment

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    In which I decide to join a friend and audition for the reality television-music competition Idols.

    This Friday I am going to audition for Idols. I mentioned it briefly in Updates and a Pumpkin and because.. well.. I have no shame I suppose I now doing it again. How will it go? What will I sing? Only time can tell. Well time.. and me.. since I have now decided what to sing.. but because I partly want to be sneaky and partly I am curious to see what the judges think first (assuming I get that far) I won’t actually tell you what song it is just yet.

    So yeah.. the whole “assuming I get that far” -part.. apparently one sings in front of some producers or something on the first day and then they decide right there if you get to sing in front of the judges and cameras the following day. Which basically means you might not get to see me on TV at all. Now you know that, so don’t get our hopes up too much, there are a lot of very very talented people out there.. much more talented than I am at singing, but “Hey!”.. I have to give it a shot don’t I?

    I sat for quite a while trying to figure out what to sing. First I figured that I should obviously sing something whilst playing guitar.. (day one of thinking).

    Day two (of thinking). Oh.. I should sing one of my own songs.. sort of a double advertising for myself. Who knows.. if they don’t like my singing they might like my songwriting.. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do.

    Day two (1 ½ hours later). I finally decided.. on.. not singing any of my own songs.. and to not play guitar. So there we have it. Whichever way it goes I will let you know what I sang on Friday. And again, who knows maybe if I make it through you can watch it later in early 2012 when it airs. I won’t be able to watch it because we don’t have the possibility of receiving digital broadcasting signals. So what I’m saying is, would anyone mind recording it? If I do manage to get the judges and they do decide to air me singing.

    That’s it.. I’m done for the day. [insert clever catchphrase here]

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