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Broken Promises And 15 Seconds of Shame

~2 minutes

    I break a promise to myself and upload my first song to Youtube.com

    Well technically it’s more like 3 minutes and 57 seconds of shame. But that pretty much depends on weather you listen to the whole thing or not. So yeah, I’m going to claim 15 seconds of shame for now. A long time ago I promised myself I would never ever upload anything featuring myself on Youtube.com. I just broke that promise. Then again, I was probably going to do that anyway at some point. I mean I still “kinda” had plans to upload my performance during “Night of the Arts”, but alas it’s taking longer than I expected at the moment. Fear not dear readers though, a promise is a promise. And I try to keep my promises, except the earlier mentioned youtube one of course.

    I wanted to dedicate this to very dear friend of mine who is away in Scotland at the moment, and might or might not be homesick. If he isn’t homesick, well f**k him in that case. But if he is, then here you go Janne, enjoy my 15 seconds of shame. See you when you get back!

    Personally I feel this performance is not one of my best, but bare with me as this was/is one of those “in the heat of the moment” -kinda things. I’m still planning to upload my whole 4 song performance (crowd goes wild… not) as soon as I am able to aquire it.

    Enjoy… or don’t.

    Oooh, I can feel the embarrassment creeping up already. It’s kinda nice.

    Don’t worry bambina, your’s will magically appear soon too.

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