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Don’t Tell My Wife

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    In which I reveal the present I’ve been making for my wife’s upcoming birthday.

    My wife’s birthday is coming up soon, and last year I felt a bit short on the whole present-giving. To be perfectly honest I can’t even remember what I gave her—then again–neither can she so I suppose that’s okay. But with that in mind I had a moment of clarity a couple of weeks ago, an epiphany if you will. The awesome-est birthday present ever! A present to make all the other presents feel inadequate and like they should not have let themselves go like that and maybe work out a bit more often or at least not eat so unhealthy all the time. As you might have already noticed I am quite pleased with myself this year. And not to blow my own phallic symbol too much but I should be, it is really that awesome. And the best part, is that I decided to go all meta on her ass… yeah, I thought that sounded weird too. Then again, saying “yo dawg, I heard you like books so I put a book in yo’ book, so you can read while you read!” would sound weird too…

    Actually, that wasn’t so bad. Damn it. Either way, neither of them makes a lot of sense right now, but they will in a couple of days when all is revealed. Since she might read this I won’t spoil it yet—which means—you and her will have to wait a little more.

    Obviously she getting a book, that’s not the secret. Neither is which book she’s getting, because well you.. it’s kind of pictured down below. It’s everything that comes after and before that, that is the secret. Pretty sneaky ey?

    Close up of my remake of the book cover for The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

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