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Furious Avians

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    In which I review the video game Angry Birds.

    Don’t get me wrong.. I love the Android platform (platonic love of course). But games for Android have always been a bit, how should I put this… ugly.. yeah, that’s the word, despite some games having excellent mechanics and smooth gameplay such as Gem Miner.. most of the games suffer from what I sometimes think of as the open-source curse.. Yupp, feel free to quote me.. again, don’t get me wrong, open-source is awesome and in anything developers should be kuded (my make-believe verb of “kudos”) for giving away their blood sweat and tears, asking nothing (usually) in return. But where open-source developers often have enormous amounts of technical expertise they often lack in the graphical area. Like Gem Miner… I have that game, it’s a really good game, but I can help but think that it’s not a very pretty game.

    The title screen for Angry Birds, a red bird smashing through a castle, green pigs flying everywhere.

    Cue Rovio, a Finnish developer even, and their Furious Avians more commonly known as Angry Birds. A game that not only has excellent mechanics and 98% smooth gameplay (sometimes it lags) but it also has beautiful graphics. Not Crysis beautiful obviously but the visuals of Angry Birds work extremely well with the theme of the game.
    So kudos Rovio for giving us Android users an (albeit ad-enabled) free version.

    I’ve played through all the levels already, haven’t managed to get every golden egg quite yet and I’m considering if I should try to get three stars in every level just for bragging rights. A part of me wishes there would be a reset button (without uninstalling) so I could start over unlocking the levels. Nonetheless it was a good three weeks of casually playing it at lunch & smoke breaks.

    All and all, it’s a very casual yet occasionally relentlessly difficult game.

    Should you buy it for iPhone? You should.

    Download it for Android? Absolutely!

    Hope for other platforms such as PSP and Windows Phone 7? One can always hope.

    So it’s with these parting words I’ll leave you for now; “The red birds sucks, but it gets better!”

    Screenshot depicting Angry Birds being played, a red bird hitting the wooden structure keeping the green pigs safe.
    The red birds suck ass!

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