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Getting Inked Again

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    Oooh, what’s this? Another post? An Abominable Weekly Update? Well it’s about time. Feast your eyes on a little of this and a little of that.

    Last Tuesday when the rest of the Western world went back to work, I took my sweet time waking up by making myself a fresh cup of coffee—it was delicious—and watching the new Son of Batman—it was mostly okay.

    Inspired by a fellow I co-worker I had decided to extend my Easter holiday to the rest of the week, a decision I enjoyed immensely as Tuesday reared its ugly head and I could sleep in the first morning when Rebecka took our son to school.

    We took turns throughout the week so I still had to get up early some other mornings but that just meant I enjoyed the first morning of relaxation even more.

    I didn’t sleep in for long though as I tend to get migraines if I do. Besides, an early cup of coffee in the solitude of my own uninterrupted thoughts is something I’ve grown to appreciate more as I’ve became a father.

    So there I sat, for 30 minutes or so, staring into the empty void that is our living room wall.

    The birds were chirping outside.

    The breeze of the wind, rustling through the branches.

    Nothing disturbing my lack of cognitive abilities.



    I became one with the divine existence.

    And then I remembered that I had bought Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning the previous Friday. and soon enough it was Saturday the following week—that’s today—and if it wasn’t for Steam’s excellent time tracking I might wonder where the week had gone to.

    But I wrote a entire post devoted to the gaming I did this week and you can read “Three Joys and a Disappointment” right here if you’re interested. At first, I tried to merge both posts into one but it just wasn’t working so I decided that both posts would benefit from their own space.

    But when I wasn’t gaming I also managed to get my BBQ out and fire it up for this year’s BBQ season.

    Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger with Shropshire Blue Cheese and Gherkin
    The first burger of the BBQ season, an Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger with Shropshire Blue Cheese and Gherkin.

    I have partaken of burgers thrice this week.

    For a couple of years now, I’ve been thinking about getting a full sleeve tattoo for my right arm.

    And whilst I’ve known the theme for quite some time, I didn’t have a vision of the actual design until earlier this week.

    The theme by the way is: Duality of Man.

    But given that I had more spare time than usually this week I decided to get the ball rolling by go to the local tattoo studio, Skin Flix Tattooz, and get paired up with an appropriate artist. Said and done, I now have an appointment in June for the first 4 hour session, a vision of what I want and I have started fleshing out the rough sketches.

    Usually I design and draw my own tattoos with very little input from the tattoo artist—because I’m a control freak like that—but this time I’m only designing the main design and I’m curious to see how Andy “Texas Tooty” fills it out.

    A rough sketch of a part of my final tattoo
    The first rough sketch for my final tattoo. This is the secondary character in the piece.

    That’s all for this week. Like I said, I played a lot of games but at least I got something tangible accomplished.

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