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Illegal Mushrooms

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    In which I dig through the embarrassing archive that is a shitty song I created in FruityLoops years ago.

    So yeah, funny story. Since we moved recently I went through boxes of crap that I have been saving for some years. I come from a long line of hoarders so it’s quite cleansing to just throw shit away. Well in one of those boxes I found a CD I haven’t seen in a while. Actually it’s a whole album, with 19 songs.. can you believe it? Even better. It’s the only copy in the world since I wasn’t as big on backup’s back then. You feel a bit special now, don’t you? A little tingly inside? Oh the tension.. what has Carlos got in store for us now?

    Well.. until I can get my shit together and actually record a new song this will have to do. Scraped from deep within the boxes of “whatchamacallit”, hidden behind layers of “Oh, here is this random thing I looked for three years ago but never found”…

    I present you with “The Cerebral Project—Remastered”. This track is entitled “I Toad I Told You Mushrooms Should Be Illegal”. And yes, I have made this.. a long, long time ago.

    Those of you with eyes as nails
    who sees no wholes but details
    Make my digit all clear
    and more tunes will appear

    Comment the correct answer!

    Released under: Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Licence.

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