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    In which I reveal a design concept for merchandising opportunities for my board game Island of Eternity.

    So in light of yesterdays promise, I thought (for a change) I would actually keep that promise. Here’s a picture of yesterdays t-shirt project. The design is from the maybe to-be card “Inflammable!”—or Flammable!.. I haven’t apparently decided yet—from my board game project “Island of Eternity”. What?

    Oh, yeah, I’m still working on that, with “creative” breaks here and there. At this point it does seem a bit ironic that I have (almost) always called it “Island of Eternity”, for well.. for obvious reasons. This November it will have been in development for 4 years. Hmm.. maybe at some point I could do “Where it all started” for IoE? Who knows, someone might find it interested to see how it’s evolved as time has gone by? Or maybe I’m just deluding myself?

    Either way.. until then (whenever that may be) here’s the picture I promised. Pretty awesome ye? Somehow it lends itself quite nicely to be put on a t-shirt.. merchandise possibilities perhaps? But for another day obviously.

    Carlos Eriksson wearing the Inflammable! t-shirt from the board game Island of Eternity.
    One of a kind.

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