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Leo, You Bastard!

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    In which I pretend I had a shot at playing Romeo in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

    Also… Did you ever tell you that I was in the movie Romeo+Juliet.

    Originally Leonardo DiCaprio only played me as a stunt double, but then he had sex with everyone so that he could be star of the movie. Bastard. That’s why I stopped speaking to him, as you might have noticed. Anyway, you all know the story. After that he grew on to become a “hu’uuge” star blah blah. But really, it should have been me instead. As you can clearly see from the DVD Special Edition, I am whom the director originally envisioned to play important role of Romeo. So if it hadn’t been for Leo’s huge slutcock roaming around the set and having sex with anyone who could help him to the top, it would have been me…

    True story.

    Pics or didn’t happen, you say?

    The DVD cover to Romeo + Juliet, featuring Carlos DiNabb instead of Leonardo DiCaprio.
    There you have it, proof.

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