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More Glorious Shots of Dolls

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    More images of the dolls I have created so far.

    Closeup of Elf doll sitting in a wooden log
    Valandil Singollo is truly one with nature.

    Different angle of the elf doll known as Valandil Singollo (yeah, that’s what I named him but I’m not telling as to why I did..)

    A Zombie Clown doll
    The Zombie Clown doll.

    Actually the first doll I tried creating, it’s just a zombie clown as they have a tendency to follow me around in different shapes, colours and sizes be it on canvas, as an embroidery or in this case as a doll.

    Closeup of Daemon doll
    Sgt. Jack Dæmon.
    Full view of Daemon doll
    The full view of Sgt. Jack Dæmon.

    Sgt. Jack Dæmon, underworlds latest addition to douche bags, or something..

    Enjoy and. And yes, they are for sale.

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