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My Xbox My Way, Runner up

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    I design a T-shirt and get featured on Xbox.com

    I should remembered that I entered an Avatar competition some weeks ago, turns out I made it to runner up in the competition, which I a nice way of saying I didn’t win. But that’s okay, I made it quite far anyway which is really cool. Here’s the screenshot from xbox.com, I wanted to save it as a memorabilia. As you can see mines to the far right and not to blow my own whistle too much (just the appropriate amount) I think my design was/is better the winner’s one…

    I linked it too, but alas I don’t know how long it will be there…

    A screenshot of xbox.com featuring my T-shirt design
    I personally didn’t think much of the winning design.

    EDIT: As requested by beije, here’s the entry I sent in, he pointed out nicely that you can barely see the design in the “tiny” screenshot.

    Full view of the design I sent in
    The Zombie Clown Gang

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