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Nibble - The Joys of Miniature Projects

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    In which I remember that I really enjoy making little things to make our lives easier or better.

    As parents, my wife and I struggle sometimes to come up with what to make for dinner.

    I’m sure we’re not the only ones, as looking online reveal a sea of choices in tools trying their best to solve this very dilemma.

    But our problem with all, if not most, of these is that the ideas they present don’t take any consideration to our needs. Why should they? But that also means we end up presented with foods we don’t particularly like, like Veal and Parsley Pie.

    Don’t get me wrong, we’re all quite okay with veal but “parsley pie”? What the fuck is that?

    So, after another discussion with Rebecka, we agreed that we needed was a tool that would give us one of dish from a curated list of dishes we like.

    With all of this in mind, I made Rebecka a promise: I would make us such a tool. Easy to use, with no superfluous functionality getting in the way of its one goal; Suggesting what we could eat.

    Screenshot of Nibble superimposed on a Google Nexus 7 device.
    Not a mockup but a screenshot of the final product.

    No Trello board. No sketches or wireframes. No plan but what our conversation had spawned and no room for feature creep.

    An evening later—Yeah, I also promised her I would only spend an evening making it—I present you with Nibble.

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