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Nordic Cuisine; Kokosbollar

~2 minutes

    In which I share a recipe of a Nordic childhood favourite, which will put your child(ren) into sugar-induced comas—of delightfulness.

    The short story is that Lucien’s school arranged a language fair and part of the things Rebecka decided to bring was Kokosbollar, a sensational treat that most Nordic children—and adults—will remember fondly.

    Naturally they loved them—who wouldn’t? They’re basically sugared lumps of delicious fat—and she was asked for the recipe.

    I figured, “Well, if they liked it, maybe others would too?”

    So here we are. Besides, I’ve been dying to get hands-on with my new Canon 100D and this gave me the perfect excuse.


    Makes about 20 balls. Or 11 if you make them as big as I did.

    75 g butter
    54 g granulated sugar
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    12 g cacao
    130 g rolled oats
    1 tbsp water
    desiccated coconut, for rolling.


    Mix together soft butter with sugar. Wait for it or violently beat it together, like it offended you.

    Add the vanilla extract, cacao, rolled oats and water. Mix everything into an even batter. Make a double batch but get the math wrong and use 380 g of oats instead of 260 g.

    Using your hands, roll the batter into small balls and put them on a plate.

    Wash your hands. Or don’t.

    Pour some desiccated coconut into a plate and roll the balls in the coconut.

    Store your Nordic treats in a jar in the fridge and enjoy a few here and there. Give perhaps some to your friends and family, after all, sharing is caring. Or eat everything within the first 30 minutes like the selfish bastard that you are and feel sick for the rest of the day.

    Lucien making Kokosbollar.
    Lucien was excited, as always, about making Kokosbollar.

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