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Phase One

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    In which I show off the Fable-inspired creations I’ve been making.

    Aaah. Phase One of my Fabled outfit is complete. Alas Fable III will be released in Europe on Friday, so I obviously I’m not going to be able to to finish it before the launch of Fable III which is too bad. I was hoping/aiming for it, but oh well. I’m still going to continue onto Phase Two.. I don’t actually know what Phase Two will be, but my love of naming things just gives me an awesome opportunity to have good name for what I’ve just done, as well as a good name for whats to come.

    Yeah, I kinda got lost in that explanation too. Anyways, because I have a burning need to play some guitar right now I will be brief.

    So here’s the picture for Phase One. As you can see the Sabre/Cutlass is done now. I’ve also “updated” the pistol. And may I present Fate Cards. No, I didn’t design these, there the “actual” Fate Cards from Fable II. They were supposed to be included in the Limited Collector’s Edition, but alas they were cut. Thankfully though Lionhead Studios released the cards as a.pdf and well.. I work at a printing shop so the step from “ooh, pdf” to “ta-daa” was very small. The size of the cards were (based on my calculations) supposed to be bigger than mine but I felt they would become too big, so I shrank them down a little. Of course they have a backside as well, I just forgot to turn a card around when I pictured them.

    Custom props of a rusty cutlass and an iron flintlock pistol.
    I’m especially pleased with the iron flintlock pistol.

    And in case you would like our own Fate Cards.. well you can’t! Suck it! Nah, just kidding, here’s the link to projectego.com, where the cards are hosted nowadays since Lionhead Studios don’t have them available anymore. I thought about direct linking, but that’s just douchey..

    So much for being brief. Bye.

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