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The Abominable Creative Update

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    In which I get creative with Lego and bake a shocking chocolate cake for Rebecka.

    No. Don’t. Turn away. Please for once heed my warnings and…

    Never mind. Go on, you know you want to.

    This week I’ve been so creative that I’m going to give myself a break by not writing much more than some short paragraphs in this weeks abominable creative update.

    The Abominable Creative Update

    Tomorrow, I will have officially not smoked for 365 days. Which is a year if you’re the kind of person who counts things in that way. In — somewhat early — celebration of that I treated myself to something awesome earlier this week.

    The Lego DeLorean being built.
    “Great Scott, what’s this?”

    Yes. I bought myself some Lego. And it’s all for me. But not just any old lego, no Sir. I ordered The DeLorean Time Machine because I’m really a small child trapped in man’s body.

    And then I got creative.

    The movie poster for Back to the Future re-imagined using Lego.
    The movie poster for Back to the Future Part II re-imagined using Lego.
    The movie poster for Back to the Future Part III re-imagined using Lego.

    What do you think? The likeness isn’t exact, obviously… but they’re pretty decent, aren’t they?

    This weekend was also my wonderful wife’s birthday which I naturally remembered in good time to prepare for. I’m not kidding. I remember anniversaries and important dates without any kind of difficulties. Just don’t ask me which years she’s born. Years is where I stumble, fall and crack my skull open.

    And since she made me an beautifully delicious cake I thought I should return the favour. So I asked her what kind of cake she would like and her answer was an unsurprising “Chocolate”. Her wish is of course my command and thanks to a co-worker I had a good base — Easy Chocolate Cake — to start with. Which I consequently “ruined” with Oreo cookies and copious amounts of vanilla buttercream.

    A chocolate cake covered Oreo crumbles and vanilla buttercream.
    I call it “The Shockolate Cake”.

    This thing would give Willy Wonka diabetes.

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