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The End of Tees

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    In which I decide the keep the design rights to my t-shirts and stop selling my 13 Icons of Horror through shotdeadinthehead.com.

    Last month I shared about how shotdeadinthehead.com wanted me to sign a Customer Design Suggestions Agreement in regards to my t-shirt designs. I of course sent them some follow-up questions I had. But first things first.. the agreement was pretty cut and dry in the end.. when I finally understood it, which was sort of my issue to begin with.. as I had difficulties understanding all of the technical law-terms. But the gist was pretty much this. They pay me a commission on every sold t-shirt, something they had been doing all along. They get the rights to my designs. If we ever part ways, they still pay me(?) and they designs are still theirs.

    Now that last part irked me a bit since I was/am keen to retain the rights, if nothing else than at least get the rights back when they no longer sell my designs.

    But in end, we (as in me and David from shotdeadinthehead.com) reached a mutual understanding where.. well.. my designs are no-longer for sale. For a couple of reasons actually, but I’m not really sure if it’s okay that I divulge all of them out of respect to the other party.

    So.. for now.. this is the end of tees. My t-shirts are no longer available for sale. It’s a sad day for everyone I’m sure, as you all have come to love my awesome t-shirts and you might be wondering how you will survive without them. Well.. I would hate to be the bearer of bad news.. but you probably won’t survive without them. Unless you hunt down the few people that have them… and kill them.

    I wonder how many times people stumble on this blog whilst, well for example, looking for porn and instead find these rambling.. I wonder how many of those, don’t actually understand that I’m being sarcastic.

    Anyway. In the past 9 months and 13 days since I first started selling t-shirts I have sold a total of 48 t-shirts. That’s like one t-shirt every 143th hours. So yes, it’s a little sad that they are no longer selling them but at the same time this gives me an awesome opportunity to improve on the original designs, make them even better and then maybe sell them from some other place.

    Until then.. oh how I wait for the day when I’m walking around somewhere and I suddenly see someone wearing a t-shirt that I designed.

    A T-shirt mockup showing a highly simplified Billy (SAW) in white and grey, set against a black t-shirt.
    The "Let the game begin" -design.

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