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The Prospective, Looking Forward to 2015

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    In which I make a nice list of 15 things I look forward to this coming year.

    Welcome to the other side.

    How are you feeling?

    Well, you shouldn’t have had so much to drink, now should you?

    It’s all right though, I promise I’ll try to avoid any sudden movements or noises.



    As promised, here’s the second list, of 15 things I look forward to this coming year. And unlike the other day I thought I would keep this one a bit shorter.

    1. Ale

    For some time now I’ve thought about brewing my own ale. The only thing really holding me back is that all the ready-made kits—which might not be what I use but it seems like a good start—are for batches of around 23 liters, 40 pints, which is more beer than I’d like to have in one go.

    Obviously what this means is that I would have to find some Ale enthusiasts who wouldn’t mind drinking the fruits of my labour.

    2. Tattoo #4

    I’m very excited to continue and finish my sleeve tattoo. The idea, as in what I tell people, is that this is also going to be my last tattoo.

    Which is why it’s taking me so long—well that, and I have no need to rush it.

    3. Gaming

    Steam had an encore of their annual Holiday sale the other day—as of writing this, there’s about 6 hours left—in which I picked up Don’t Starve, Alien: Isolation and Divinity: Original Sin. The first two games have already been on my radar for some time, I even wrote about Alien: Isolation in Games I’m Eagerly Awaiting II. Divinity: Original Sin popped up in my quests for RPGs similar to Baldur’s Gate and after looking into it some more it seems pretty awesome.

    But I’m sure I’ll get around to writing some humours review of all of these later in the year.

    4. Novel #1

    As I’m sure you remember, I started writing my first proper novel back in November—my previous venture, A Rainy Night on Drury Lane, is closer to a short story or novella. And whilst I could only muster 27,885 words during National Novel Writing Month I’m still excited about the story that wants to be told.

    Currently at: 29,051 words. 29% completed.

    5. Scarecrow

    I’m excited about making a costume to wear for the next Comic con. I already know what I’m going as and have gathered a few supplies needed to get started. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve told you what I’m going to dress up as.

    Preview of Scarecrow from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game
    Unrealistic goals ✓

    6. Camera obscura

    I’m seriously considering getting a decent camera with which I can take better pictures for my blog. I struggle too often with the technical limitations of my camera phone and find myself unable to attain the visions I have.

    I just need to consult more with Beije and Andy, people who understand camera better than I ever will.

    7. Comic con

    On a separate note to making a costume for Comic con, I’m also excited about actually going to the next Comic con. I think it deserves it’s own heading as going there fulfils a completely different emotional need than making the costume does; Social vs. Creative.

    8. France

    This year I hope to get to put my mouth where my French mouth is—Yeah, that really doesn’t work—by taking the family to France for a long weekend.

    Je vais bien sûr être à l’aise en français à cette époque. Oui, oui.

    9. Picking up the paintbrush

    It’s been years since I last did a painting. I miss it. So, I’m going to start painting again.

    I already have an idea for my comeback painting.

    10. 1943

    For February this year, Rebecka and I, together with Lucien, have decided to try our best at living like it’s 1943 again. Going back to the austerity and rationing of the height of WWII is going to be very interesting.

    11. Domain move

    I’m looking forward to moving my domain carloseriksson.com to a different provider who, hopefully, allows for better A record management, enabling me to fully utilise Github’s DDoS Buster.

    12. Friends

    Here’s to all the friends I’ve had for years—I feel like I neglect you too often—and to all the new friends I’ve made over the last couple of years—I don’t know how I did it.

    I want to be a better friend to both of you, so I shall.

    13. Blue beanie

    In preparation for the annual Blue Beanie Day, held on the 30th of November in support of web standards, Rebecka has started crocheting a beanie for me.

    14. Board gaming

    I sincerely hope there’s going to be another board game marathon because I really enjoyed the previous, and first, one I attended.

    Maybe, to up the ante, this time it could be 25 hours?

    I also plan on buying Dead of Winter because it looks like too much fun to pass up.

    15. Wedding rings

    Just like last year, this is definitely the year we get our weddings rings.

    And that’s it. 15 things I’m looking forward to this year. Now go forth, another year of awesomeness awaits.

    Now it’s your turn. What are some of the things you’re looking forward to this year?

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