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The Sittingbourne Sessions

~1 minutes

    In which I record a few cover songs, including the one I auditioned with for Idols months ago.

    Here’s.. finally.. a new video. It’s quick, dirty and to be perfectly honest, a bit shit. But a sort of, good shit I suppose.. adequate bowl-movement perhaps? Remember months ago I sort of promised I would upload a video of me singing Accidents Can Happen, because that’s the song I sang when auditioning for Idols? Well, I figured that they might upload a video of it, because I did an extra take for some behind the scenes web stuff, but alas that never made it to their website. So here’s the song I sang for the Idols judges + two more songs. Partly because my wife thought I did the Kent song better (she’s right) and partly because I thought it would be fun to do a little Bruno Mars.

    Obviously my plan is totally to make a part II to this. But you know me, one doth never know if I will.

    Set list

    • Accidents Can Happen - Sixx A.M (0:15)
    • Utan Dina Andetag - Kent (5:16)
    • Grenade - Bruno Mars (9:42)

    Also, fyi. I totally got the job.

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