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Things to do Whilst I’m Still Alive

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    Everyone has their bucket lists and I’m no exception.

    Things to do whilst I’m still alive, the revised list.. or something of similar nature. I already had a list before, don’t really remember where but it’s gone now so I am making a revision.

    This new revision will be an unnumbered list, I didn’t quite like the fact that numbering the list made it feel like there was a set of priorities..

    • Write & publish a book (first chapter kinda done, the rest of the story is in my head)
    • Write & record an album ( ~4 songs done, that I feel quite content with)
    • Build a relationship with my father (managed to try a little, then he died)
    • Make, but not necessarily star in a porn movie (new to the list, feels like a fun idea)
    • Have a threesome (devil’s threesome doesn’t count)
    • Paint a nude portait (I suck at portraits so this would be a challenge)
    • Master two new languages (Already know three, so none of those count towards this)
    • Skysurf

    This list will grow as I remember more of the things I had on there earlier. But this is all for now…

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