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This Post is Worth 14 000 Words

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    In which I take you on a picture journey from last July to two days ago.

    Today’s title is brought to you by the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So by the power of Math — and Grayskull — that would make this post worth one billi… 14 000 words. What I’m of course trying to say is that this post contains nothing but pictures. Well, pictures with “clever” titles but mostly nothing but pictures. Join us — my precious “us” — after the jump, as we take a pictorial journey from July last year to two days ago.

    Lucien blowing out the four candles on his birthday cake.
    A Fraction Of A Life Lived
    Rebecka and Lucien petting a bright green parrot.
    A Bird In The Hand Is A Parrot
    Breakfast shaped into a smile.
    The Breakfast Put A Smile On Her Face
    The cat Findus from the Swedish book series Pettson and Findus by Sven Nordqvist.
    The Nordqvist Legacy
    Rebecka sticking her tongue out at Lucien.
    She Stick Her Tongue Out At Me
    Lucien playing on his toy piano.
    Playmobil figures reenacting Pirates of teh Caribbean.
    Pirates Of The Playribbean – Curse Of The Dead Man's Tides
    Incense stick in a tiny oil lamp.
    The Right Kind Of Sticking It
    Lucien and Rebecka having a snowball fight.
    The First, Last And Only Snowball Fight
    A vase of roses.
    A Rose By Any Other Name
    Shrove buns.
    Keeping Traditions Alive – Nah, I Just Love Shrove Buns
    Lucien holding a makeshift anonymous mask in front of his face.
    Fight For The Future – We Are Anonymous
    Bavarian Beerhouse.
    Beware The Beer Drinking Bavarian In The Beer House
    Roasting my own coffee beans.
    Achievement Unlocked – Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

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