In which I recap the year that has gone by in all its splendor.

Alpha and Omega

777 words about life — 08:41 · 31st Dec 2010

With this year coming to close and a new year dawning I figured I should probably tie up all my loose ends, also known as, things I said I would blog about, but haven’t. So here’s a summary of the year that has passed.

Art n’ shit

I combined photography and digital painting to make “Souls”, starting with Condemned Soul, Chapter I. By the way, the eyes. Yeah, they’re Adolf Hitler’s. But alas I only got so far as to chapter II, which means there’s one missing. I might get to that at some point, but don’t wait with bathed breath. I also used Adobe Photoshop to add myself to a movie I obviously wasn’t in, still funny though. Then I of course went overboard with it, and ruined the joke my making another one.

Some call it music

Several times during the year, I promised to upload something I had written to youtube. I kind of kept that promised with Unstabbable Feet and Prozac. But I still want to upload something a bit more serious, so yeah, I will, but just not right now. I’m still writing music and have made nice progress. Speaking of which, I could probably record Last Curtain Call. But we’ll see.

I ♥ herbs, but herbs don’t ♥ me

In April I tried growing my own herbs, I did to I small update regarding they’re status after wards but kind of let it hanging there. Especially since I might have made a big deal about it with my cliffhanger; What happened to Basil’s home? Is Tarragon really as innocent as he looks? Will Thyme ever find the love she rightfully deserves? Also, we finally get to find out why Lemon Balm left his two wives to look for his parents.

So here’s it actually is, the thrilling (?) conclusion. The died, all of them. One by one they perished to mistreat and me being generally uninterested. So, ooops!

The nerd within

I waited for some games, played some and ignored others. I played Command & Conquer, got my ass handed to me by the AI on easy and just never looked back. My save is still probably around somewhere within the depths of crap called System partition. I was eager to get Stuck in Limbo, but never actually did, at least not yet. Fable III was, well nice I suppose even though I haven’t finished it yet. Halo: Reach surprised me in some good ways and ended up getting a 4,2 which later got upped to 4.5.

Fallout. New Vegas is still on my “to buy list”. Batman: Arkham City is also there, but that’s will be for next year, since it’s not coming out yet anyway.

Rants & news

During the year I also ranted about religion and why people need definitions. People have not answered me yet on that one by the way, but it’s cool, we’re all friends here, right? R’iight? Anyways. In my rant of definitions I might have (almost like I wouldn’t know) said something about totally proposing to my wife-to-be within a couple of years, tops. Then later we had our Feast of Winter Solstice, at which I totally did. Hussah!

The random remains

I said I would cut my hair and sculpt a Hobbe. I did one of those, and it wasn’t the sculpting one. Again though, not yet, as I still might. And finally I talked about movies I would watch. Well, so far I haven’t. But that’s okay, it’s not like they’re going anywhere.

That should be all of it. So yeah, Happy New Year and may you be smart enough not to make new years resolutions thinking you could somehow change yourself in a fleeting moment of drunkenness, when in reality, change takes time and patience. If it’s even possible. Yeah, these will be words I leave you with, a good friend of mine once gave me a card with this text and it sort of stuck ever since.

God, grant me the serenity. To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971)

Feel free to replace the word “God” with a deity of your choice, I kept it in because it felt right despite my agnostic ways.

EDIT: And because no blog post would be complete without a picture, here’s the latest from Penny Arcade. Suits rather nicely wouldn’t you agree?

A strip from the online comic Penny Arcade, titled A Good Start.
What a lucky dog.

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