In which my blog reaches porn-status by outranking Candi the dirty cum slut for the search term free slutcocking movies.

Dear Internet

285 words about technology — 17:53 · 24th Jul 2011

Yes, two posts in one day. How will it all end?!

Anyway. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the perverts of the internet. You see, because I’m sucker for statistics I tend to check my Google Analytics every now and then. Usually it’s pretty tame, nothing really worth mentioning although I do love the spikes in my number of visitors per day, say thanks for that too. So if it’s not worth mentioning it, why mention it now? Because.. well.. how do I say this nicely?

I have reached porn-status-ish!

Whoever you are, thank you. With utmost sincerity from the bottom of my heart and a slight worry for your mental health, I lift my hat. You, who I can only hope one day reads this and knows.. that you Sir or Madam, made my fucking day.

You, who was searching for “free slutcocking movies” and for some reason still decided to click the link that lead you here and to my humble blog. Because apparently in descending order of relevance according to Google, it goes like this;

  1. “Slutcock drunk ass”
  2. “Anal Porn Tube”
  3. “Fiinix Design”
  4. “All Babes — Cum On Candi Dirty Cum Slut…”

I would tell Candi to stick it where the sun don’t shine, but I’m too afraid to click her link only to find out she doesn’t mind sticking it there anyway. So in conclusion.

Dear Internet, thank you and I hope I can live up to your high expectations of me.

Google search results showing my blog as the third result for the term 'free slutcocking movies'.
Should I be honoured or?

You’ve just read Dear Internet.

In which, 12 years ago, I wrote 285 words about technology and I covered topics, such as: data .