In which I write week notes for 3rd to 9th May.

Week Note, 18

165 words about life — 06:39 · 9th May 2021

This week:

  • I’ve finished updating existing Notes to work in the updated Model—and written the Deprecation Notice (satire)

  • I’m enjoying a mechanically washed Red and Yellow Caturra coffee bean from Julio and Juana Gonzalez in Bolivia

  • After last week’s suggestions—thanks mom!—I’m now thinking about painting something for the office room instead

  • I had a third chat with the same yet-to-be named digital agency

  • I’ve imported a year+ worth of environmental data for the room I sleep in—to be added to my migraine self-study

  • I’ve started rewatching Dark—it’s one of my favourite sci-fi shows of 2019/2020

  • favourite song: No Devotion by Killswitch Engage

  • currently reading: Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health by Daniel E. Lieberman

  • Covid-19 cases (UK): 4,448,808 (9th May)1

How’s your week been?

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In which, 1 month ago, I wrote 165 words about life and I covered topics, such as: week-in-review.